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Petite Bergamote is the story of two friends
Petite Bergamote is the story of two friends, Ilona and Daria, keen on fashion and couture, who dreamed of creating chic clothes for children. 
It is 2014. I meet Daria, and very quickly, we understand that we have a common passion: fashion. We spend hours chatting, and we have a thousand and one ideas an hour. We realize that we have the same sensibility and the same vision of fashion. Our dream ? Create beautiful models for little girls. Our sources of inspiration? The 50s. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall… are all icons that breathe creativity into our designs. We want to dress little girls in beautiful clothes that we enjoy looking at. Chic, classic models, well cut, simple but elegant. 
So we found Petite Bergamote

So we go for it and we found Petite Bergamote.

Everything is going very fast. I design the models, we buy the fabrics together. I make the clothes. She manages marketing and sales. The tasks are well distributed and everything is working wonderfully. In three years, we put together five collections and create a hundred models. But, our mothers' lives catch up with us and, reluctantly, we have to put Little Bergamot on "pause" mode ...



The encounter...

A few months pass, and it is a meeting with a physiotherapist that revives the activity. When I arrive in the office, the doctor immediately notices the mattress that is installed in the stroller. I explain to him that I find it very practical and perfect for the city, but that it seems to me that the seat is a little too firm for a newborn baby. As I am a seamstress and model maker by trade, I had the idea of making a mattress to improve its comfort. She finds the idea excellent, especially since she made the same observation on this model of strollers and it would be good if they were all equipped, especially in the first months of baby's life.
Neither one nor two, I make a few copies that I put on sale on a famous free classifieds site. The success is immediate. It's January 2018, and I've sold everything. I then created a new Petite Bergamote site, and it was off again!

Our guarantees



Today, Petite Bergamote designs and manufactures accessories for babies and young children. From the essential Comfort mattress specially designed for Yoyo strollers to pretty bibs, including ultra soft plaids and health book covers ... we take special care in the choice of materials so that they are both soft, comfortable and natural.
Our credo? Offer irresistible products that envelop children in softness and comfort.

The good news ? Magnificent models are already trotting in our heads. And Daria and I look forward to seeing you in the near future for the release of our next children's collection!

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